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December 2, 2013
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Name: Kyrhos Pyrrhon
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kyrhos has raven-colored hair and bright green eyes. His skin is quite pale and never seems to tan. He wears black steel-toe boots, blood red/black/gray/white, military-grade camouflage pants and jacket, white jacket, and black fingerless gloves. He has a set of dog tags around his neck, and tends to don a black balaclava with a white skull pattern on it. His Fairy Tail mark is unique-- it flickers like a fire, due to an incident with Natsu when Kyrhos received the mark on his left, upper arm.
Magic: Commando Requip (allows him to requip firearms; he favors using a .44 magnum revolver, dual .45 caliber pistols, a submachine gun, assault rifle, battle rifle, and anti-armor rounds, using condensed magical energy as ammunition)
Personality: Kyrhos is usually quiet, but has a wry sense of humor. He tends to keep to himself, but willingly joins in on the brawls in the guildhall often. Kyrhos can often be seen reading or writing, and occasionally swaps notes with Levy.
Biography: The son of an inventor, Kyrhos often tested out his father’s creations, and particularly enjoyed trying out firearms. However, his mother disappeared when he was eight, and his father became an alcoholic after she left. Until Kyrhos was fifteen, he was subjected to his father’s drunken rage, and often had to work to feed himself and his father. However, the drink eventually killed his father... he was killed when a cart of whiskey barrels tipped over and said barrels crushed him. Soon after that, Kyrhos honed his Requip magic, and eventually joined Fairy Tail. Despite everyone being friendly, he felt alienated, and often sat by himself. One day when he was reading a book in the guildhall, he was approached by Levy, and the two became friends over reading and writing. When he received his stamp, Natsu accidentally charged the stamping tool with fire energy, resulting in his unique mark. Because of how he operates alone, and his mask, people from other guilds know him as “Ghost.”
My official Fairy Tail original character. I do not own Fairy Tail or any official media.
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